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Cannan Orphanage

Our operations are entirely supported by voluntary donations.

We receive no funds from the Kenyan government or NGOs. The family that operates the orphanage lives on-site, and no-one is paid a salary.

Our immediate needs:

Rent, food, electric and water bills, school fees for children, medical costs and medication, clothes and shoes, mattresses and bedding. The orphanage is struggling to survive financially. A total of 38 children are cared for by Cannan, with the day-to-day help of local and international unpaid volunteers.

Admin fees: 95% of funds received go directly to the orphanage (PayPal fee of 3%, plus transfer cost of 2%).


Cannan Orphange C.B.O
Barclays Bank of Kenya
Nkrumah road branch, Mombasa

P.O.Box 90182 - 80100
Mombasa - Kenya

Account no. 2022751487
Branch code 016
Bank code 03-2022751487