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We provide love, shelter, and safety to orphaned and abandoned children in Mombasa, Kenya


What We Do

  • Provide shelter, basic foods and clothing in a safe, loving environment

  • Depending on donations received, support secondary school education and technical training for the older children in our care

Secondary school education is expensive in Kenya since it is usually at private boarding schools, costing $700-1,000 per year

State primary schools are free, but the quality is poor, and most parents try to save enough to send their children to private schools

Higher education is key to lifting these children out of poverty

In the News

APRIL 2019

The children of Cannan Orphanage are settling into their new home, after the landlord did not renew their lease. The old house was a run-down property that rarely had running water, and flooded badly twice each year during the rains. The children’s overall health should improve as a result of lowered malaria risk. The new house also has a piped water supply for washing (drinking water must still be purchased in jerry cans). On the other hand, the rent is greatly increased, highlighting the need for donations.

Get Involved


Cannan Orphanage is supported by the efforts of willing volunteers from all over the world. We are always looking for additional help so we can improve the lives of these Kenyan orphans. Please contact us at for more information. 

Volunteer tasks:

  • Teaching the younger children

  • Food preparation and serving

  • Organizing creative and artistic activities, such as singing, dancing, drawing and painting

  • Organizing sports and other physical activities

  • Motivational speaking, empowering children to be self-reliant by life-skills lessons

  • Washing clothes, dishes, utensils

  • Manual labour (building, gardening, painting, etc.)

  • Bathing younger children and babies

  • Ensuring the compound is clean

  • Administrative work, public relations, marketing

Contact Us

Our Location:
Bombolulu estate, opposite Bandari Villas, Mombasa, Kenya. 

Click here to see us on Google Maps. 

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 40447-80100, Mombasa, Kenya

+254 723 903930 / +254 718 210054


Location of Cannan Orphanage

Location of Cannan Orphanage